About me

Hi there, and thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Alexandra and I am a Romanian blogger / art enthusiast / engineering student.

When I created this blog in 2014, its initial purpose was to inspire other people in terms of clothing items and outfits, the same way other fashion bloggers would inspire me at that time. At first, I was too shy to share it with everybody I knew, and therefore it has been a secret project for two years, until October 2016. Winning the second place at GLAMOUR Street Fashion Show 2016 has given me the courage to put myself out there in order to inspire even more people.

Until the end of 2016, my main purpose was to only share outfits with my viewers, not focusing too much on the text that I was providing. But later on, after thinking it through, I asked myself: since the people who follow me have access to the text that I write in my posts, why wouldn’t I give them something good to read, something they would remember, instead of only outfit descriptions?

And that is the moment when I decided to take CHANEL NO. A to the next level.

Since then, I have started to focus my attention on everything that I was displaying on my blog – layouts, text, and pictures. Most of the articles that I write have a self-development theme, they are either a discussion about the most intriguing subjects that I think of on a regular basis, or motivational articles, in which I try to expose the more or less frequent problems that human beings encounter, and provide my approach in terms of solving those problems.

I have been trying to focus on quality instead of quantity, that is why I do not make daily blog posts, because it is difficult to create high-quality content in such a short time. I write all my posts in English and in my mother tongue, Romanian, because I have high expectations that my readers will come from all around the world in search of outfit inspiration and personal development. I am extremely grateful for each and every view, like and comment, and your support, alongside my strength of will, are the main reasons for which I keep following this passion of mine.

That being said, welcome to CHANEL NO. A, the window to my mind and soul. Prepare to be inspired! 🙂