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What others think of you is none of your business


Caring about other people’s opinions is the biggest obstacle to your happiness, and the thing that will constantly draw you back and keep you from progressing in life. And why is that?

Glad you asked.

So many people these days, especially teenagers and young adults, tend to suppress their desires and even their true personalities because they fear of what other people would think about their actions. “What will my mom say?”, “What will grandpa say?”, “How will my classmates feel about me doing that?”. All of these are frequent and seemingly harmless obstacles, small thoughts which make you question your most genuine wishes and sometimes determine you to give up on some things, ideas or even precious passions of yours, because you are worried that your definition of “right” does not correspond to theirs.

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From what I can remember, as soon as I purchased every item of this look during the summer, I knew that I would pair them in this exact outfit. I have ALWAYSSS wanted a red plaid shirt, because it is a timeless piece, and my mother agreed, but not in the good way. She said that it is old fashioned and that she had one herself when she was my age, but I bought it anyway, because I knew that there are endless ways in which you can wear this item.

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