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Today’s post features a super chic and comfy outfit, perfect for school, going to the mall or for a day out with your friends. The items that I am wearing are all basic pieces, which you can combine with everything already existent in your wardrobe.

A faux-fur coat can always, always level up the appearance of an outfit. It is such a delicate, feminine and glamour piece, that stands out on its own, which is why I have paired it with an all black look.

I have to mention though that the coat is not the most reliable in terms of keeping you warm, but the thick turtleneck sweater underneath might save you from the cold weather. Continue reading “3 OUTFITS FOR COLD WEATHER – PART 3”



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Since the weather here in Romania has been so “friendly” later, I have decided to share with you a very weather-appropriate outfit.

This one is more on the casual side, but as simple as it may seem, I believe that the details and the color combo make it stand out.

Even though this may not be your usual “fashion blogger inspired” outfit, it is a cool and casual look that anybody can wear anywhere. It is super comfortable and it is perfect for going to classes or meeting with friends.

I believe that fashion bloggers nowadays set very unrealistic expectations in terms of clothing. I mean, who in the world wears a skirt at -10° Celsius? And who can actually walk in heels on slippery ice? If you’re into that kind of thing, good for you, everybody is free to wear whatever they like.

For the rest of us who have to actually face the cold winter weather, here is a totally foolproof outfit:

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner ( I mean, like, tomorrow ). For the ladies who haven’t decided what to wear yet, I have prepared a list of 3 outfits which are perfect for a Valentine’s day rendez-vous.

Even though I am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day – love should be celebrated every day, couples should always do fun things together and people should express their feelings of affection every day, not only once a year – I know there are lots of people out there who really make a big deal out of Valentine’s day, so I am here to help.

Here are the three outfits that I have created in order to give you some inspiration for this occasion: Continue reading “3 LAST MINUTE VALENTINE’S DAY OUTFIT IDEAS”