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Long time no see! First of all, I would like to wish you all a Happy, Happy Easter, and may this holy day fill your hearts with love, joy and compassion!

I know that I haven’t been so active lately, but I assure you that I had good reasons – I have mainly been focusing on myself, on rediscovering what I truly want in life and for this blog, and I promise that I will come back very soon.

Until then, I leave you withΒ my social media links, make sure to check them out and follow me! πŸ˜€Β You can also find my social media links at the top of the blog’s main page, just click on the Widgets or ConnectΒ buttons.

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Hey there! If you are one of the few people who are not following me on Instagram (which is highly unlikely, because I have a feeling that my Instagram account is more popular than my blog) I suggest you go toΒ @chanelno_a ( Click Here! )Β for more fashion / lifestyle / beauty and travel pictures, just like the ones that you are about to see in this post!

Instagram is one of my favorite apps, because it is the place where I find so much inspiration from whatever subject, even though my main purpose is to find fashion inspiration from my favorite bloggers or even from my friends – because, yes, I have very fashionable friends. Continue reading