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BEST OF 2016


2016 has been a significant year for my blog, first of all because I have started working harder on it, but most importantly, I have gathered the courage to make it public, after two years of anonymous existence. And the support that I have received from all of you has helped me a lot and has motivated me to keep doing what I love, which is fashion, photography and writing, everything that I am displaying right here, on CHANEL  NO. A.

Here are some of the most important moments from 2016:


Anul 2016 a fost un an foarte important pentru blogul meu, deoarece este anul în care mi-am făcut curajul să îl fac public, după doi ani în care nimeni nu a știut despre el, iar susținerea și aprecierile pe care le-am primit m-au motivat să continui să fac acest lucru, iar în 2017 plănuiesc să muncesc de 10 ori mai mult decât am făcut-o până acum.

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They say “home is where the heart is”. For me, home is the place where I grew up, because only there I feel like myself, I feel happy and motivated to develop myself, because there are too many distractions anywhere else. There is no place where I feel better than at home, surrounded by everything that, until a while ago, I have completely forgotten to love – the mountains, the forest, the wild flowers. To me, my hometown is the most beautiful place on Earth.

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Note: The following intro is going to show up in all of my “Travel Diaries” posts, followed by distinct descriptions and impressions on each place that I have visited.

A few days ago I went on an exploratory trip in my very beautiful country, Romania. I absolutely love mountain areas and cities located into the mountains, so I decided to visit some of the most famous and beautiful such cities in Romania. 
I am so pleased with the outcome of this trip, I have seen soooo many beautiful, beautiful places, and I must say, again, that I am very proud of my country. I sincerely and dearly encourage you to visit Romania and all of the places that I am going to mention in this “Travel Diaries” series. I will also show you a preview, if you are harder to convince.

I only took photos with my phone, because I didn’t bring my camera with me – and I really regret that – but, on the other hand, there are a lot of nice photos, made by professional photographers on the Internet, so I am going to show you some of those. I know that this has no personal touch from me, so I am also going to add some of the photos that I took with my phone and some that I posted on my Instagram account ( @chanelno_a ), and I think they turned out really well. My photos (except for the Instagram ones) are not edited. If you want Photoshop perfection, that’s what the Internet ones are for. I will just show you the raw beauty of it.

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Hey there! If you are one of the few people who are not following me on Instagram (which is highly unlikely, because I have a feeling that my Instagram account is more popular than my blog) I suggest you go to @chanelno_a ( Click Here! ) for more fashion / lifestyle / beauty and travel pictures, just like the ones that you are about to see in this post!

Instagram is one of my favorite apps, because it is the place where I find so much inspiration from whatever subject, even though my main purpose is to find fashion inspiration from my favorite bloggers or even from my friends – because, yes, I have very fashionable friends. Continue reading

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Holiday Series: Part 4

As I said earlier, in my last post, this part of my holiday series is my favorite and, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, then you don’t know that it is about…
The travel makeup bag! ❤

Here are some of the most important things that you have to take with you on a trip, if you don’t want to overpack but still want to have everything you might need.

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Holiday Series: Part 2

Here is the second part of my travel essentials list. As I have mentioned in the previous post, this list contains items that you should take with you no matter where you go. As you might notice, I have added items such as shampoo or blow dryer, which you might also have at the hotel, but if you are not sure that the hotel that you have chosen offers the things mentioned above, you should take them with you, just in case.

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Holiday Series: Part 1

Aaand I am back, after nine months of absence. I have abandoned my blog because my initial intention was to make Little White Diamond a fashion blog, with photos of the outfits that I wear. When college has begun, I did not have time to take care of my blog, but the biggest problem that I had and that I still have is the fact that I do not have a photographer to take photos of my outfits. Therefore, last year I have decided to give up on my blog and I made it private, so that I would be the only one able to read it.
Until now. I have realized that, only because I can’t have a fashion blog, does not mean that I can’t have a blog at all. So here I am, bringing Little White Diamond back to life!

I know that I might be a little late with this kind of post, but for those of you who haven’t already left  for the holidays, I am here with some tips for having the perfect holiday (or at least the perfect holiday backpack).
My holiday series will have 4 parts, and I will make some lists with the items that you should have with you while on holiday. So, let’s get started. 🙂

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